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“Tanya was referred to me by my agent. As a busy career woman with young kids, being an estate trustee seemed like an overwhelming task. Tanya went through everything with me and made me feel comfortable with hiring her from the instant we spoke. Her commitment to finding the best possible value or donation opportunity for every aspect of the estate was amazing. I have known of entire estates that were delegated to landfill. They all need Tanya's assistance. She was always available for questions and had suggestions for every problem I had. She had connections that I wouldn't even have thought of to obtain value for everything. Her value to me is beyond compare as she saved me so much time and stress. I was dreading tackling this responsibility and with Tanya's help everything went smoothly. I highly recommend her to everyone.”

Tracey RynardDevry Smith Frank LLP

“My Mother passed away leaving behind a good speed home and the belongings collected over a long life. We knew we were in way over our heads as we needed to clear out and then clean the home she had lived in for 30 years.

Each room was meticulously sorted through and separated into trash; donatable; sellable or personal keepsakes. I feel Tanya clearly understood what we asked of her and came back to us with any important decisions. Tanya sold all of the items of value including the arranging pick-ups.

Without Tanya's help I have little doubt we would have had to throw almost all of my Mom’s belongings into the landfill.

Awesome job, essential service!”

Steve, Dave and Pete Quinn

“How do you condense a 4000 square foot dwelling and 50 years of accumulation into a 1000 foot accommodation? What to do with all that unneeded furniture and dishes and … Enter Lifestyles Move Ltd. with the "captain" Tanya Shields.

From the first meeting to the closing date of our residence we were not only impressed by the professionalism and expertise displayed by this team but on a more personal level we felt a connection made to our particular circumstances and needs. Follow up support has continued weeks after our move.

We highly recommend this transitional service.”

Raymond and Sandra B.

“I hardly know where to begin in thanking Tanya and her team for everything they did when my mother moved from her home to a retirement lodge. They took care of almost everything. Tanya booked the mover, helped Mom decide what to take with her and what to do with items she wasn't taking, designed the room layouts for the new place, packed, took care of donating or selling items as needed, and arranged for the old house to be cleaned.

On the day of the move, she supervised the moving company, taking the most delicate items over herself, and worked with her team to unpack, arrange and decorate the new home. Amazingly, she had Mom's new home completely set up in a day – including pictures hung, fridge stocked, bed made and unexpected personal touches, like framing Grandma's needlework. Mom was able to move seamlessly from old home to new. And throughout the process, Tanya and Trish were cheerful, considerate and professional. Mom and I were able to enjoy the excitement of planning and moving without the stress.

I cannot speak highly enough of Tanya and her team. Thank you!”

T. Shields

“Moving my Dad to a new province during lock downs from a pandemic was challenging enough. Then to clean and prepare my parents’ home for sale from across the country seemed daunting. Tanya and her crew were truly amazing. Their sensitivity towards the emotional attachments, and the ability to get things done in the time frame was so helpful. The attention to detail and the ability to organize all the moving pieces was invaluable. I would recommend Tanya again and again. I couldn't have done it without her.”

Candi I.

“Thank you so much for an all-encompassing move from our house to our retirement home. Your attention and knowledge of detail made is some much easier and kept us on track, which gave me confidence that everything was running smoothly!

It was such a pleasure coming into our new home with everything arranged so tastefully – you should have been an interior designer!

Gordon and I will always recommend you & Trish to our friends & neighbours.”

Clare & Gordon

“My mother had always had too much stuff, and after she suffered a stroke, we just didn't know how we could prepare her home or her for a transition into a new normal. Tanya at lifestyle moves has been incredible. She helped get my mom's home prepared, cleaned and ready for her move. She was kind, direct and organized. She was sensitive to mom's needs, while also getting her to where she needed to be. I don't know what I would have done without her.”

David Schokking

“We were extremely worried about moving our dad, he doesn't like any change. Tanya and her crew were so attentive though, any little issue that came up they were right on it. Dad actually seems happy with the move!”

Stevland Ambrose

“Tanya recently helped clients of mine and we are all extremely pleased with the process. Lifestyle Moves helped get the home ready to list for sale. They then packed up all of the belongings, placed items in storage, sold or donated other items, and stayed in constant communication with my clients and myself. They couldn't have sold their house without Tanya, and I found the help invaluable! I would highly recommend Tanya and Lifestyle Moves Ltd to help with your next move!”

Christie Bond

“Lifestyle Moves helped me after I sold my house. I had furniture that we needed to move and store until our new home was ready. Tanya researched various moving and storage companies and recommended the one she thought would be the best fit for our needs. We had some expensive pieces of furniture that needed to be dismantled and properly wrapped before moving to the storage facility. Tanya managed the entire process for us. After this experience I would never move again without the assistance of Tanya and her team; they made it effortless.”

Sandra Ramos
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